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DCPD petroleum resin


TYPE: RC-D100RC-D120RC-D140

Product features :

  RC-D100RC-D120RC-D140 are the pale yellow thermoplastic resin obtained from mainly polymerizing unsaturated dicyclopentadiene derived from a special process,at a certain temperature and pressure,formed by the polymerization of low molecular weight polymer.D100 which has the light color and high bromine value is used in high-grade rubber in high good activity,good compatibility;D120 has a good compatibility with ester and polyurethane solvents.In the ester solvent,It has a good compatibility with epoxy resin,furthermore it has a good curing speed with epoxy resin .It can be used as the modifier for the marine paints and some other special paint as well as the shrinkage force to the cement and steeel, furthermore,it also can strengthen the wetting property to paint and improve the leveling property of paint film.D140 high softening point,good compatibility,wide spread applications;Been added in,It plays a role as the agent of color developing,quick-drying,brightening,it can improve the printing performance and so on.


Products specifications:



1.D100:Used in high-end rubber,tire,car tires,inner tubes and other rubber compounding industries.

2.D120:Used in marine paints,lacquers,alkyd,epoxy,polyester paint,and adhesives,electrical engineering and other related industries.

3.D140:Used in printing inks,gravure inks,printing inks and other high-end ink copperplate industries.

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